Humble Yourself? Be Pure in Heart? What?

If you sat down for a job interview to be one of Jesus’ disciples, would you get the job? Luckily, that’s not how it works because I don’t know if any of us meet the criteria!

Tonight’s bible study was continuing through the powerful book of Matthew. We focused on chapter 5:1-16 and as we read through The Beatitudes, we were challenged with some questions on the character of the disciples that Jesus chose and how they reflected the promise of God.

There are many characteristics that come to my mind when I think of someone who would qualify as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Loyal, trustworthy, fortitude….but tonight @jonsjourney brought up a word that is often forgotten in our walk with God and that is the word humble.


When was the last time you truly humbled yourself before the Lord?

Sometimes we THINK we do a good job of this but really we don’t because if we acknowledged God for who He really is, humbled ourselves fully and submitted to Him, we’d walk around in a constant state of humility because we are so very unworthy of His mercy and grace. Only through Jesus Christ and His death on the cross are we made whole. It’s by His act, not our own. It has NOTHING to do with us. If that doesn’t cause someone to be humble, I don’t know what will, Amen?

Okay, I know. It’s easy to say but how does one humble themselves before God? The answer is simple but not easily executed. It’s the positioning of your heart to be open to His word. Taking the focus off yourself and putting it on Him. No matter what!

Matthew 5:8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. We were reminded tonight by Jon’s mother, who joined us in our study, what that really means. She said it means to always put your focus on the Lord. Nothing else around you matters, not your circumstance or where you think your journey is headed, staying focused on God keeps your heart pure.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

To be able to focus solely on Jesus and never waiver? It’s where we all should be striving to go in our walk with Christ because believe it or not, we are all called to be disciples of Christ once we’ve accepted Him into our hearts.

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