The World Behind Me, The Cross Before Me

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This past Saturday, we held our 3rd bible study where we focused on and read from the book of Matthew, chapter 3 and 4 and as we reflected on some of the questions, we shared our answers as a group.

It was an incredible conversation. The one thing that kept coming up, either through discussion or through scripture, was how we all need to get our nose in God’s Word aka the Bible, more often and stay there.

Here’s what we all agreed on – When we can continue to stay in God’s word, not only does it strengthen your faith with God, it also means you spend less time focusing on the things going on in the world, where it seems everywhere we turn these days, is turning against God or becoming less and less focused on Him.

“The world behind me, the Cross before me” are lyrics from a hymn that is called I Have Decided To Follow Jesus and I’ve been singing it ever since we brought it up on Saturday. I’ll share the video for a version that I’ve discovered and come to love.

Some other topics that we discussed together are:

  • How the history of the New Testament is deep rooted in the Old Testament.
  • The prophecies that Jesus fulfilled when John baptized Him with water (Matthew 3) as well as when Jesus was tempted by Satan during his fasting (Matthew 4)
  • The importance of baptism

Next study we’re going to be moving onto Matthew chapter 5 and discovering The Beatitudes and their significance.

We’d really love to have you! It’s at 8pm EST on Saturday, inside our Discord. Join below!

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