Re-evaluating Church Post Pandemic

This last Saturday evening our church had a ministry meeting where those who serve within the church, or those who desire to serve, gathered for prayer and discussion on better ways that we can do just that – serve the church, community and ultimately God.

At this meeting, our lead Pastor spoke on the challenges that many churches are facing in a post pandemic society. As we find ourselves on the other side of lockdowns, praise God, we are forced to examine or reevaluate the state in which the church is in. Ultimately, this is a good thing. The world is different now since the pandemic and there is no sense in trying to go back to what we were doing before because it simply will not work. We have to make changes.

So how do we, as the church, do that while staying true to God’s Word?

I think most Pastor’s or Minister’s will tell you that there are less people in the seats right now. During the lockdowns, we were incredibly blessed to have the technology that allowed us to have live stream services. It meant people could still hear the Word of God and it allowed for the churches to contribute to the community, just in a different way, without having to completely stop.

A lot of churches didn’t survive. Tithing was down, sometimes obsolete and if they didn’t have the means to adapt or a team to pull the live stream together, it was a hurdle they were not able to overcome.

Now that it’s over (or heading to that time soon, one can pray) – we need to get people back in the seats! We need to get people back into gathering as a church body. We need to get people back into serving. We need to get people back on mission. We need to get prayer groups up and running. We need to get our youth ministries growing. We need to get back to making God a priority. It’s time.

pedro-lima-IkqhfoJjwSI-unsplash.jpg(Photo by Pedro Lima on Unsplash)

I know it’s scary. A year ago, I was that person. Church was happening “in person” – albeit, with masks and social distancing and I was THAT person who was too afraid to step out in the scary COVID world. And I honestly don’t say that in a joking manner. It was scary to a lot people. During the really rough times here, with more serious variants going around, I was pregnant so I was really careful. Even after she was born, I wasn’t taking risks!

Also, just keeping it real – it was incredibly easy for me to get comfortable at home, especially when I was pregnant in the winter months and watch church in my PJ’s from my couch on my laptop! I mean, no sense in denying that! A LOT of people got way too comfortable.

But there is damage in that. Damage to your spirit, your faith, your community and your church!

We ARE the church! If we aren’t there, who will do the work?

After awhile, I felt myself starting to feel down. I wasn’t reading scripture as much as I was before. I wasn’t studying the Bible. My prayer life was really weak, almost non-existent. I had no sense of community or support because I was isolating myself.

I’m naturally an introvert. It’s actually incredibly uncomfortable for me to go into social situations. Honestly, I’d rather smash my head into a brick wall. Again – just keeping it real.

I had to force myself off the couch, back to church and when things opened up fully, I started bringing my children. I have to tell you that it has made a tremendous difference in my life. It feels amazing to be around other people who love Jesus, want to do His work and spread His Word. Who love me and care about my well being. Who want to pray with me and serve God with me.

It feels great to be part of a church body again!

Since returning, I’m now serving as a deacon at my church and also co-lead the children’s ministry.

I hope that where ever you live, that you have are able to find yourself a good Bible preaching church that you can be part of. We’re not meant to do this alone. We’re meant to gather together in worship, to pray for each other and serve and spread the Word of God. Please don’t do this alone.

If you’re already a church member and stuck on the couch like I was, I encourage you to just TRY going to the next service. You might be amazed and how nice it feels. Maybe scary at first but I promise you, it feels so good to worship with like minded individuals and to serve God together.

If not now, when?

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