Through my various ups and downs in this ride called life, I’ve heard several people tell me “Accept that there are events that you cannot control”.

Don’t you wish it were that simple?

I struggle with this because when I cannot control something, my anxiety gets REALLY excited and comes alive because the biggest part of anxiety (for me) is the fear of the unknown. So coming to terms with the fact that there are a bajillion things in the run of the day that I can’t control and that I have to let go of, is definitely not an easy task!

What a time to be alive when you struggle with that, right? Can I get an Amen!?!

Here are some ways that I deal with anxiety. Perhaps they will help you if you share a similar struggle as me.

  • Prayer. All things are given to Him. For me, that’s Jesus. He gets all my praise and a lot of complaining as well…
  • Meditation. I’m not very good at this but when I am able to get even 20 minutes of silence and just sit in my surroundings and thoughts and center myself, it’s really powerful when dealing with anxiety.
  • Distraction. This may sound silly but anyone who has children knows the power of distraction works wonders. It’s the same for adults, sometimes. If I allow myself to sit and worry and wonder about all the what ifs…I go crazy. If I find myself going through those thoughts, sometimes just getting up and distracting myself with something different helps to rid myself of the negative energy. I have to say that this doesn’t always work because it depends on WHAT you’re anxious about. Sometimes, you have to tackle the actual issue that’s triggering the anxiety.
  • Finding something that lightens your mood naturally. For some people, that’s nature or painting. For me…it’s music! I get lost in music and it can take me far away from where I am (in my mind) and it’s definitely a go to for me when I just need to escape.
  • Talk to someone. If none of these outlets help you, find someone and talk about things. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed alone. It’s not always easy, I know. It’s easy to feel like you are burden or don’t want to complain but the truth is, you matter and everyone has times when they just need a friend. If you don’t have anyone, find me. I’ll listen 🙂

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