How true is this when it comes to what we’re doing here on the #hive blockchain and #ctptalk platform? We’re showing up everyday, doing little things to be better then we were yesterday. We may not be changing the world but what we’re doing is making an impact on ourselves, which benefits those around us and our community and continues to grow.

This is a quote that I all too often forget but every time I read it, I stop and read it twice. How many times, if you’re being honest, have you found yourself agreeing or liking a post on social media, perhaps voting a certain way or even just creating preconceived ideas about somebody without having ALL the facts but just because the majority says so? I know that I’m guilty of it. Not always but definitely sometimes I forget to fact check and go along with the masses only to find out later maybe I should have stayed in my own lane.

Oh, Dr. Maya Angelou. I don’t even think this quote needs any more explanation. It’s perfect.

Get the heck out of your own way is my not so classy way of wording this. Sometimes what stops us the most from moving forward is our inability to believe we can actually accomplish what we want to do. Without confidence, you’re in for a struggle. You have to believe in yourself and
you abilities.

Isn’t that a pure and beautiful thought? You get to start over tomorrow, God willing. A new day. A clean slate. Amazing!

What are some of your favorite quotes?

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