It’s a start to a brand new week and as an entreprenuer that should get you pumped and excited and ready to go! But hey, I get it…

….sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start. If you find yourself stuck and needing a bit of social media motivation, here is a really simple infographic from inside CTP that outlines a 5 day work week plan to help give your marketing game a boost.

You can change it to whatever fits your business or if you’re unsure of how to do that, simply try what is written in the info graphic to see if it can help get you going.

Stick with it! It’s important that you don’t quit after Tuesday!

Check it out below:

Janelle’s Social Media Tip: Don’t be a social media bully. It’s so important to remember that just throwing out affiliate links constantly on Twitter and Facebook or whatever platform you use, is 100% the LEAST EFFECTIVE WAY to use social media and will NOT produce results. Not only is it super annoying but it’s considered spam. Treat your social media following like friends in your living room. Talk to them about your business by creating consistent content that provides value to your followers. Create a weekly schedule of informative posts. You can absolutely brag your business up but do it in a way that makes them want to ask for that link.

Create curiosity. Engage more.

You’ll see fantastic results this way!

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