Click Track Profit is an essential program for any affiliate marketer or online business owner. The training in this program is priceless.

Plus 1 Success is a 30 day action plan to help teach you the benefits of positive habits. It’s effectively changed my daily habits for the better and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys personal and professional growth.

Hits Connect is an advertising tracker that allows you to track and view in real time how and where it’s converting and more importantly where it is NOT converting so you can manage and get the most out of your advertising.

Canva is a free tool that allows you to create and design your own advertising in basically any form you can possibly imagine! I use it daily and absolutely love it.

TrafficWave is an autoresponder and it’s GREAT because while many of these email marketing services charge per subscriber, TrafficWave is a flat fee of $17.95 a month no matter how big your list gets! Brilliant. Build your list. Build your list. BUILD YOUR LIST!

30 Minute List Building Challenge