We hear the professionals (or rather, the ones who have already figured out their worth!) saying to us all the time “invest in yourself first” but even that is a crippling sentence for some. What does it even mean?

Real talk: for me, it’s not a lack of confidence, it’s a lack of discipline. It’s about having the mindset to stick with something and hold myself accountable. That’s it. I have paid for my domains, invested the appropriate amount of dollars into an autoresponder, tracker and hosting. Driving traffic is never a challenge. Yet my last blog post was LITERALLY a year ago. I could probably go on a ten page tangent on all the curve balls life has thrown at me in the last year but to be honest, I’m tired of telling myself that story just as much as I’m sure others are tired of hearing/reading it. And really, who doesn’t have curve balls thrown at them? Hello…look at the world right now!

I know that I am worth more effort then I have put in. I know that people will read what I write because I do get a reasonable amount of engagement on my posts.

My problem most of the time is that I struggle with WHAT I want to write about and therefore, I find it difficult to sit and make sense of my thoughts. Then more often then not, I give up because I have bouts of laziness or lately, coming to terms with the concept that I yet again had a plan and didn’t stick with it. Embarrassed, I believe is the correct word for how I am feeling.

Truthfully, I’ve never been so nervous to publish a post…ever.

But….there are no more excuses. No really, I think I’ve used them all. 😉

I still have the drive. I still have the desire. I just need to somehow figure out a way to find a routine that works for me! As a full time stay at home mom to an 8 and 1 year old, sometimes the word “routine” is laughable. However, I know it’s possible so I’m not giving up!

The purpose of this blog is not to get pity. Mostly, I wanted to get my thoughts down and let anyone know who is struggling with discipline or motivation that they most definitely are NOT alone! I also wanted to write this to see if anyone has any tips or suggestions on what works for them. I’m genuinely curious what is working for you guys. I’m completely open to anything because what I’m doing clearly isn’t the right strategy for me. If you have a book recommendation or program suggestions, feel free to drop your affiliate links in the comments and I’ll gladly check them out.

As always, thanks for taking the time read my blog!

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