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As I work through my Plus 1 Success training, I’m trying to put into practice and implement new daily habits into my routine. My brain tends to go 400 miles a minute and on top of that, I spend my day with a very active 16 month old who keeps me running almost quite literally 400 miles a minute!

I would never remember all of my daily tasks that I want to accomplish without help. I also have a secret love for checklists. I love them! No really, I love them! If you’re like me and need/want to keep your daily tasks in order there are all sorts of readily available free tools on the internet for you. I happen to use one called Zenkit. It’s completely free and you can add and edit, color coating certain tasks, setting reminders and timers for them. I keep mine pretty simple and straight forward unless for some reason I do have a deadline. For the most part I just fill my daily to do list out and check it off as I go, rinse and repeat and typically use the same one the next day, adding new things as I go.

Here is a quick snapshot of my daily to do list lately:

My daily to do list.

Pretty simple right? Without it, I tend to get distracted which is incredibly easy to do as a parent of 2. I’m sure many of you can understand that and relate! And even if you’re not a parent, there are a million things pulling us in different directions all day long. That’s why I thought I’d share this cool free tool that I use that helps keep me going. Without it, typically my desk is filled with little note pads. This is much neater!

I hope you’re having a checklist filled day! (It sounded much cooler in my head….)

To Your Success,

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