I saw this meme on Facebook that my Uncle shared. I’m not sure who made it or what the intention behind it was when it was created but I couldn’t help but stare at it for a bit and think of how much it can relate to business.

Photo courtesy of someone somewhere on Facebook….

To me, it speaks to problems we face in business when we forget the importance of getting to know our customers and what their needs are.

You can have all the thought out designs, blue prints, concepts and graphs you want. You can have the most expensive beautiful, professionally designed website on the interwebs. Guess what?…..

….it all means NOTHING if your business is not meeting the needs of it’s customers. They simply will have no reason to stick around.

If your business is struggling, stop and ask yourself what problem is your service trying to solve for the client?

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

It should be organic.

What I mean by that is this concept (discovering the problem) should start at the formation of your business. You can’t create a company or start a business and then just make up a problem and say you have the solution when it doesn’t really exist in the first place. People will see through that because in the end, they will discover they don’t really need you.

So before you put pen to paper to come up with the next business plan, figure out where there is a need and THEN create the product/service that helps to solve that problem.

When your customers realize they need you or that your service helps make whatever in their life/business easier…I strongly believe you’ll see more lucrative results.

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