I was driving today out to pick up my sister so we could go visit my grandmother in her long term care. It was a stunningly beautiful day. We seemed to have survived our heatwave and come out on the other side. Now we have air to breathe again! The suns was shining so bright. It was just a perfect summer day.

Those who know me know that I love country music so of course, the radio was on our local country station here on Prince Edward Island. A song came on that I had never heard before. The lyrics really stuck a chord with me. They spoke to me on so many levels – my fears, my excuses, my anxiety that tends to run my life…seriously, so many levels!!

“And I didn’t hear a word ’cause I was thinking
About what hasn’t happened yet but will someday”

The words spoke on how we always tend to think life will get better once “we just get this….” or “when we get there” or “when we get older”….we’re ALWAYS waiting for something. The end of the song turns things around to say wait a minute, life is already good!

We are masters at excuses that keep us right where we are. It all boils down to fear. For whatever reason, we’re afraid to move forward. I think it’s probably just the unknown. Risks are scary. Finding a reason to stand still is much easier then taking that first step. You have a way less chance of falling on your face standing still….but you’ll also never know what it feels like to accomplish your goals.

“I’m thinking once I learn to grow right where I’m planted
Maybe that’s when life starts getting good”

What if we all had the ability to know that our life is already good? Not perfect….but good!

Imagine what we could accomplish?

We are so blessed. Yes there are ups and downs, challenges, loss, grief, heartbreak, risks, fears…all of it is scary as hell.

There is also love, memories, success, laughter, joy, winning, smiles….

Today, try to focus on the positive.

Try to take that first step.

Don’t wait for things to “get better”…..

….life is already good!

Getting Good by Lauren Alaina (featuring Trisha Yearwood)

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