Yup, you read that right and no, it’s not 2011 all over again.

Click Track Profit IS back but it’s back with a brand new look and team behind it and I have to tell you, I am super pumped about this!!

Jon Olson and Blain Jones have revitalized, revamped and recharged CTP with brand new lessons, training, features and so much more! I’m not being vague on purpose – there’s literally so MUCH more to this website that I’m still learning it all and couldn’t possibly tell you about it in one post.

There are of course some familiar aspects still present in the program like badges, CTP Teams, XP and the invaluable training section which has always been the true bread and butter at Click Track Profit! Kore4 will also be making a comeback within the program. Also all of the promos have been revamped which was desperately needed!

There are also brand new features like “The Gauntlet” which is probably the one I am most excited about. Anyone who loved the true concept behind Sweeva will enjoy this. The Gauntlet is where you can enter your website and have the community of CTP (a community of 200,000+ members) provide feedback (brutally honest feedback!) on your website, capture page, etc. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn where you can improve your website for the better and grow.

I’ve started making my way through the training and working through my 3 Steps To Success and I have to say, I’m really impressed with what I see so far and excited for what’s to come!

Literally the only way to (and the best way) to learn what this website has to offer is to dive right in and see for yourself. You can do that by clicking here and if you’re not a member already, I’d be thrilled to have you in my downline!


I want to take a moment to congratulate Jon Olson for never giving up. Jon has been a good friend to me professionally and personally and I am super proud of him for picking up the pieces, dusting himself off, teaming up with a great group of people and taking the initiative to make this website come alive again. Jon, you rock! Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration. You make me want to be better!

Time to get back to my CTP training!

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