I’ll be the first to admit that I am the absolute worst at sticking to something when I start it. This blog post kind of stems from the reality that it’s about this time in my journey that the old me would pack her bags and move on. I’ve made a commitment to myself that this will change.

The truth is, I was 100% telling my readers to do something that I was not doing myself – staying the course. I felt really guilty about that all the time. I also believe firmly that it’s because of that, that my business never really took off early on. How could it? I never gave it half a chance and I wasn’t being honest with anybody including myself!

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It’s actually quite scary to write these words because I know that there will be people who read it. It’s not some dear diary where I can pretend life is great always because it’s only me that reads it! There are eyeballs reading my flaws that I’m laying out all over this blog post. However, with this new commitment to myself comes the irrevocable need for honesty. It’s the only way this will work.

So what is my point? I’ll get to it! I’m half way through my Plus 1 Success 30 day guide (if you haven’t joined this program yet, I highly recommend doing so!) and I am really seeing a difference. Like a real honest to goodness difference in the way my brain is working. I realize to anyone who has been doing this for more then 2 weeks is probably reading this going, “well duh” but this is brand new for me and I’m actually amazed that not only am I actually sticking with this but I’m having an amazing time doing it.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 years trying to figure out where I fit online. What was my niche? What was my purpose? I’m not a program owner. I didn’t have the confidence to buckle down and get to work on my blog, for a myriad of reasons. I was completely lost.

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I really feel like I’m finally seeing the potential that I can, in fact, do this by simply being authentic and SHOWING UP ALWAYS.

Finding such a fantastic community on #Hive and #CTPtalk has been a tremendous help for me. I have found myself right smack in the middle of a group of people that genuinely care to see other folks succeed. In fact, they encourage it! In the past week, I’ve had 3 people who I have known for less than a month reach out to me just to check in and say “hey, I’m here if you need anything”. Dare I say that’s more than many of my friends have done? That’s not said in a “woe is me” or a dig towards my friends, but said to make a point that this community is freaking awesome.

I won’t lie – that type of community is kind of new to me and fascinates me!

It helps me WANT to stay motivated and committed when I am surrounded by people who are as genuinely passionate as I am and will lift me up when I succeed and also give me a kick in the butt when I need it. Which, by the way, is often!

I’m super happy and honored to be here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I’m even more excited that I WANT to stick around to see what the future holds.

PS. This post is rambly, raw and real and I hope it made sense! 😀

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