We Get Grace. God Gets The Glory.

I am so tired of the lies. Aren’t you?

Praise God! I am so thankful to have found Truth!

This post might ruffle some feathers. It’s not going to be gentle and easy to read and it may in fact offend you! However, if there is one thing I have learned..when you walk with God, things can get a little… uncomfortable (to say the least!) as you face some harsh truths about yourself, the world and the way we tend to think when we leave God out of the picture.

I used to be someone who believed the lies of the world. I’ve read all the self help books. I’ve read horoscopes. Turned to mediums and so called guru’s to tell me how to fix my life. In fact, some of my previous posts on my personal Hive blog reflect that attitude.

I was wrong. Not only because some of what I was doing was going against the word of God but because I was buying into the hype.

We’ve all heard it before…
“you’re perfect just the way you are”…
“as long as you’re a good person, that’s all that matters”…
“do anything you want, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, who cares!”…

I mean…what?!?

These are nothing but false promises of the world. Lies. Deception. The truth is…without God, we are nothing! Sure, you can be a “good person” (to the worlds standards I suppose.) I know plenty of non-believers who are good human beings. As far as I know, they haven’t killed anyone or robbed a bank… so they must be good, right? Hmm…

The only promise that matters is the promise of God. All the other nonsense is a way for us to turn the glory inward and praise ourselves when really we don’t deserve any of it.


God gets the glory. God gets the praise! It’s so important that we remember that we are saved by God’s grace, not through our own works.

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I’m not saying that we shouldn’t work on ourselves. From day one of my Christian experience, I feel like I’ve been put under a personal microscope and have done nothing but work on who I am.

The difference in my perspective is that instead of working on myself, improving and then patting myself on the back and telling myself how awesome I am…I have now turned the praise back over to where it belongs. I no longer serve pride, arrogance and selfish ambition.

I serve Jesus Christ.

Yes, I work on myself, according to how God’s Word tells me I should and then when I do improve, God get’s the glory. It’s not by my little effort that I’ve succeeded. It’s by His mercy and His grace and His never ending supply of patience that I have succeeded in anything I do.


The promises of this world will forever fail you. You will never find true satisfaction in it. However, the choice will always be yours on who you serve and make no mistake – we all serve something! Either you’re choosing the serve this world or you’re choosing to serve God. No matter how many experts you turn to or how many help books you read, only one will save you.

Who do you serve?

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