The Mission of the Church according to Jesus


I suppose it’s important to start out by acknowledging that different churches define “the mission” differently.

Some would say that is why there are so many divisions within the church body….because everyone has an opinion and feels it’s their right to be heard. I agree with that…for the most part.

However, while it’s great that we all have opinions and the right to be heard, it’s important to check back in with Jesus and what His mission for the church was and still is today. In order to understand His mission, you have to come to know Him and to do that, you must read His Word – the Bible.

When we do not fully understand the set purpose of something, we will inevitably get it wrong.

I encourage you to read 1 Timothy, especially if you’re in any sort of leadership role, as it serves as a fantastic reminder of how the mission of church should be constructed and lead effectively.

Here is my take away from 1 Timothy:

The church should model Jesus in every way. It should be a living, breathing representation of Jesus. Everything the church body does should glorify Christ.

Growing up, I often thought of the church as just a building. Part of that was the false teachings of the religion I was in and the rest was just lack of accountability on my part. It wasn’t until I came to know Christ that I realized, we, the followers of Jesus, simply put ARE the church. So, even if you don’t attend a building on a weekly basis or “go to church” (though I do encourage you to find a good bible teaching church to attend), you, as a member of Christ’s church and a follower of Him, are still responsible for living out the mission that Jesus set before us.

We are called to find disciples of Christ, share God’s Word and the good news in the bible and share our testimony with the world. How many of us do that?

We’re called to serve. This doesn’t just mean missionaries, nuns and pastors. The bible says that everyone is called to serve (Galatians 5:13). We are called not only to serve but to serve with LOVE.

I feel like that is something that people often neglect. We are so caught up in our own agendas that we forget to help each other. Or, perhaps it’s not that you’re too busy but perhaps you feel like what you do won’t make a difference.

I believe that God is less concerned with WHAT you do but rather WHY you do it. Even if it’s something as simple as helping at a local food bank in your community, if it’s done with love in your heart and God’s Word on your tongue, you are fulfilling His mission.

There is so much work to be done.

We, as followers and believers in Jesus Christ, need to do better in fulfilling God’s mission.

I need to do better too!


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