A Long Time Ago When The Earth Was Green….

I was watching a fantastic video the other day on YouTube, after a really interesting conversation with @jonsjourney and his wife Theda, in our Discord server..

The film is called Noah’s Ark and the Flood: Science Confirms the Bible.

I know, I know….Noah’s Ark? That’s supposed to be some made up story, right? There’s no way that’s real. But actually there is some remarkable evidence that shows just the opposite. However, I’m not going to try to convince you of that in this post. When you have time, check out the video in the link above. At the very least, it might give you a different perspective on things!

Something that they talked about in the documentary was what they called The 7 C’s of History.

(graphic credit goes to http://www.answersingenesis.org)

I had never heard of this before. To be honest, I have no idea if this is a well known synopsis of biblical timeline or not but I found it so fascinating that I thought I’d share their break down and what they mean.


The Seven C’s in God’s Eternal Plan

In the beginning – in six 24 hour days – God made a perfect creation.

The first man, Adam, disobeyed the Creator. His sin brought death and corruption into the creation.

Adam’s race became so wicked that God judged the earth with a great catastrophe – a global flood – saving only those on the Ark built by Noah.

When Noah’s descendants disobeyed God’s command to fill the earth, God brought confusion on their language, forcing them to spread all over the earth.

The Creator became a man, Jesus Christ, who obeyed God, the Father,in everything, unlike the first man, Adam.

Jesus, the Messiah, died on a cross to pay the penalty for mankind’s sin against God. He rose from the dead, providing life for all who trust in Him.

One day, at the consummation, the Creator will remake His creation. He will cast out death and the disobedient and dwell eternally with those who trust in Him as their Lord and Savior.


There is obviously a LOT of information between all of those or the Bible would be a pretty short book (haha). However, I took notes and saved that info graphic as a reminder because I thought it was a pretty neat summary.

I know this isn’t the typical post from me but I am enjoying my bible study so much that I can’t seem to shake the desire to learn and absorb scripture in a different way now.

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