“Wave The White Flag” Kind of Surrender


This verse used to bother me before I came to know Jesus.

I have struggled for years with a feeling of unworthiness. I have never felt strong. Ever.

Over time though, I have come to realize that being a Christian doesn’t mean you never face challenges. It doesn’t mean that you become inferior to the overwhelming amount of crap that life throws at you. And we all know it can sometimes throw a LOT.

It means that you learn to lean on God.

It means that, during those times of trouble, you turn towards Him and not way from Him. This is something that I am still practicing.

It’s so unbelievably easy to forget when you’re first starting on your journey with God. So many times I’ll face a problem and my gut instinct is to get angry or cuss or just think hateful thoughts.

Now, I turn it over to God. I pray for strength in every situation.

I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength is now something I repeat often in my head (and sometimes out loud.) It’s not about the Hercules muscles that verse paints the image of. For me, it’s more about strength to control my own bad habits in my head.

I surrender all to You, Lord Jesus. Continue to give me strength. Amen!

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